Just What the Doctor Ordered


In the Boston area, there’s been a lot of discussion recently about the healing power of Boston sports teams. Yesterday, I saw some of that myself when I accompanied my boyfriend to a game.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it felt really great to be surrounded by so many people who were so happy to be at the ballpark. Usually, I get pretty antsy since the baseball games last so long, but the positive energy was so strong and so appreciated, and it felt like “getting away” for a little bit. I sat next to my guy, relaxed into the experience, and just enjoyed.

Plus, I had an excuse to eat tons of peanuts (ballpark peanuts are seriously the best) and a giant pretzel. What’s not to love?


See how happy I am?!


On a completely different note, I randomly found this blog for book nerds. I haven’t had a chance to check it out closely but I love the intent: How Great Literature Can Change Your Life.



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2 responses to “Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Glad you got out to be with your city for something positive! And I’m going to check out that site as you know I’m totally a fellow nerd.

    • Thank you! Oddly, I feel like in reaction I’ve done more things. As for the site, it’s given me food for thought! I think there’s a post in that…

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