Beautiful Race Bling to Treat Yourself After Your Marathon


Jewelry from Erica Sara Designs offers multiple ways to celebrate your accomplishments and to beat post-race blues.

Many people start running so they can lose weight, fit into their skinny jeans, or prepare for bathing suit season. But most people who run a marathon or other long-distance event have bypassed those externally oriented rewards long ago for deeper reasons. Getting through an 18-mile run for the first time ever, raising money for charity team, finally qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or completing your first marathon are big events. They take grit, determination, tons of work, self-care, and sacrifice. And while the feeling of pride is its own reward, I think it’s important to honor such accomplishments with something more tangible.

Of course, if it’s a race you’re celebrating, you might have bought a jacket, you’ll receive race swag, and hopefully, you’ll have tons of photos to mark the occasion as well. But since you probably won’t be inclined to wear your medal to the office (at least after the first week) and a jacket tends not to go with a LBD, some fancier race bling might just be the thing. One option is Erica Sara Designs jewelry.

Erica_Sara_jewelry_200x200Erica Sara, a dedicated runner whose racing credits include the New York City Marathon and the Maui Oceanfront Marathon, is the woman behind the jewelry. She offers customizable options, so you can create necklaces or bracelets that offer you ongoing reminders of accomplishments or mantras to help you remember to dig deep for your strength.

For those running Boston on Monday, you may be interested to know that Sara even created a Boston Strong necklace. In its first months, 100% of the proceeds from purchases of the necklace went directly to the victims. Thereafter, 50% of the proceeds from the sales have continued to go to the OneFund. So far, Sara has raised more than $7000.




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4 responses to “Beautiful Race Bling to Treat Yourself After Your Marathon

  1. What a good idea to commemorate a race this way!

  2. I love Erica’s designs. They’re so simple but pretty!

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