Whew, It’s Finally Spring!



No, it doesn’t look anything like this yet, but it will! It will!

Happy Spring everyone!

This is just a quick post, but I realized that after the historically difficult winter we’ve had in the Boston area, I cannot let the first day of Spring pass without marking it.

Spring is not exactly evident around here. I just looked at my weather app, and this morning it was 20 degrees during my run (it’s a whopping 29 or so now). So no, Spring has not exactly sprung. Or at least not in a way that would be obvious to say, people in warmer climes than mine.

Say, like, the people on Lost. In addition to a ton of reading this insane winter, there might have been some binge-watching of Lost going on. Watching the sweaty and barely dressed Jack, Kate, Sawyer and company run around the sparkling, lush, and drop-dead gorgeous Oahu while in real life I wore about 20 layers even inside and outside white skies overlooked snowbanks so high they obscured any view at all was just a tad bit surreal. Escapism and juxtaposition at its finest.

In comparison to Hawaii or plenty of the rest of the country, Spring is not exactly evident. It reminds me of how when I lived in Southern California, people from other parts of the country would say there’s no Winter. There is, it’s just subtle.

The first day of Boston Spring 2015 has that same subtlety: Unseeable to outsiders, unmissable to those who live there. For starters, the six feet-plus piles of snow are gone; it’s down to six inches or less in most spots. You can even see sidewalks now! That means going for a walk or run outside no longer feels like taking your life in your hands because it’s impossible to see around corners. The hardened dirty snow covering most of the yards yields to a narrow strip of grass along the edges (yellow, but still!). Suddenly, the light has a different quality, thinner somehow and more golden. The air, cold as it is, carries the hint of wet earth and the tulips and daffodils to come. Was I layered up during my run? Yes. Yes, I was. But, still…now, with all of those aforementioned signs of Spring, promise is in the air.

Spring is my absolute favorite season. I love flowers, the very particular scent of new beginnings, and—this year especially—the more temperate weather. Somehow everything seems a little easier, and I can’t help but feel a huge amount of gratitude.

So here’s to Spring! I hope your first day of this season is fabulous and that your weekend is as well.



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6 responses to “Whew, It’s Finally Spring!

  1. Hehe we had our first day of spring snow!! But yes it does seem as if the temperatures are fighting to get back to where they should be right now. I have yet to see anything about to bloom, but when I do I think I’ll probably freak out. This is my favorite time of year and I can’t wait for it to REALLY get underway! (There were flurries this morning and all I could do was laugh.)

    • That’s so funny, and I’m right there with you–we also had more snow, freezing temps, and icy winds–but spring *is* getting underway!

  2. I loved loved loved Lost so I totally appreciate this post even more. I also like spring. I’ll let you know if we get one!

    • Me too!! (And may have more to say on that note.)
      Regarding spring, yeah, subtle is the operative word. It’s been snowing all day. I think that’s the third time since spring started!

  3. The first few seasons of Lost were so great! That was the first show my husband and I ever “marathoned.” Yay for spring and impending warmth and sunshine!

    • I’ll have to touch base with you on your thoughts on early versus later seasons, but a kind of random note: Both my boyfriend and I were reading Dark Tower books close to starting Lost (he read the whole series before, I was on book 3 at the series start), and it’s weird how many things on Lost we noticed that feel like Dark Tower similarities. Not exactly the same, of course, but the series creators have often spoken about their love of Stephen King.

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