Mindfulness Month: Day 5 Mini Meditation on Interdependence

pablo (10)
In contrast to yesterday’s meditation on independence, today’s honors the ways in which we depend on others and the ways in which others depend on us.

Today’s meditation:

  • Tonight, shortly before you go to bed, go somewhere quiet and sit in a comfortable position.
  • Set your timer for five minutes (or whatever you’d like), or simply decide to go for a time that feels right.
  • Take a few slow breaths. Feel yourself releasing any tension in your temples, brow and forehead area, neck and shoulder area, and back.
  • Then focus on your heart area, and feel a sense of relaxing.
  • When you are relaxed, continue to concentrate on your heart area and think of a beloved family member or friend (whether of the human or pet variety and whether alive or passed on).
  • Continue breathing in an even and slow manner, with a slightly longer exhale.
  • Imagine that beloved is in front of you and feel the connection you have.
  • Spend the time you’ve allotted simply feeling a sense of that connection and it’s warmth.
  • End your meditation (when the timer goes off or when you’ve finished) with a sense of gratitude both for what you have given and what you have received in this relationship.

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