Mindfulness Month, Day 29: Walking Meditation

Today’s mindfulness exercise is to bring focus to your walk. Be sure to go where you can concentrate and take it slow. (It can help to do your workout of choice earlier in the day so you are more relaxed to do this meditation.)

  • Go somewhere beautiful, if possible. Being in nature has a way of of fostering calm and happiness. If going outside is not possible (or feels impossible because it’s ridiculously hot), simply walk inside your home. Slowly. Again the point isn’t to work hard. It’s to be present and notice.
  • As usual, focus on your breathing first. As you begin walking, inhale slowly, then exhale slowly, with your exhale at least as long as your inhale.
  • Allow your shoulders to lower, your neck to relax, and your back to ease. Notice anywhere you’re holding tension and try to let that go.
  • As you walk, bring your awareness to what’s going on internally. Are you stressed? Worried? Going into a thinking loop? If possible, try to let that go, but if that does not feel possible, just notice it.
  • Now look around you. What do you see? Allow yourself to just notice what’s around without necessarily evaluating it.
  • Be conscious of your attention. Walk for as long as you’d like, and as you do, allow your awareness to variously settle on your breath, your internal state, what’s around you. At least a couple times, see if you can hold all that awareness at once.

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