Mindfulness Month, Days 30 and 31: Prioritizing Your Sunlight

For the end of the mindfulness month, let’s focus on the things that foster happiness, both in terms of noticing what those things are and making more space for them.

  • Notice your personal “sun.” As you go through your days, notice what lights you up. What makes you happy? What fuels you? What makes you grow?
  • Do more of those things. 
  • Make it easy to do more of those things. It’s easy to put self-care low on the to-do list, but we can usually find more time if we try. Is there TV to cut out? Food that can be prepared ahead of time and for multiple meals to make meals easier? (For example, veggies can be prepped for use in salads, steaming, or stir-fry, depending on what you’re in the mood for.) Is there the possibility of getting up earlier to do the things you love? Something else?

Today give yourself the gift of time. Cut out at least one thing you don’t want to do, in order to do something you do want to do.


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