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Healthy Recipe Ideas from Organic Avenue, Juice Cleanse Comparisons

Organic Avenue, Chelsea Location

Organic Avenue, Chelsea Location

Health Inspiration in NYC

The week before last we went to New York City, which I always love. I can definitely see why people (such as my boyfriend) don’t love it—all the noise, crowds, etc., and I see those things. But for me the negatives are greatly diffused by the positives, such as cool restaurants, vibrancy, and diversity (in all ways). I especially envy the array of choices when it comes to plant-based foods, cool juice places, and yoga studios. One company I made sure to fit into our very short trip was Organic Avenue, which provides organic cold pressed juices, raw food cleansing programs, snacks, and other happy-making green foods. Just checking out their stores or their website inspires me to be healthier (as is true for a lot of healthy living companies) and makes me feel a little happier—all that green food/juice and vibrant color.

Though I realize companies like Organic Avenue are definitely in existence to make a profit, I also think the images and ethos put out by such companies (think also Nike, Lululemon, Athleta and the growing crop of healthy food brands) can be inspirational. And on that note, I recommend checking out the Organic Avenue website for healthy food ideas and for juice ideas. You may not go raw or sprout your quinoa, but I find the food combinations and photos of are extremely enticing (collard green wraps!) and good for some recipe inspiration. For those who are interested in doing a juice cleanse, see below for some articles/posts on Organic Avenue’s and others (I focused on comparisons), though be forewarned: You’ll pay a lot not to eat.

Juice Cleanse Comparison

Two Organic Avenue Recipes

On the homefront, here’s an easy raw carrot ginger soup recipe, in which Organic Avenue founder Denise Mari walks you through step-by-step. (Just substitute real ginger and a local carrot juice if you’re not near a Organic Avenue.)

And here’s a recipe for Organic Avenue Nori Wraps.

What about you: Have you ever done a juice cleanse or are thinking about one in the future? Do you find some companies inspirational?

[Note: This post is in no way sponsored but merely reflects my enthusiasm for all things veggie+healthy.]


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