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“Totally Enlightened” Yoga Star Tara Stiles Talks YouTube Success

Tara Stiles Shares Thoughts on Her Internet Success

NYC Strala Yoga Owner, yoga teacher to Deepak Chopra, and YouTube phenom Tara Stiles recently met with the Wall Street Journal for Advanced Search to share her insights about her YouTube business. Stiles, who has more than 86,000 subscribers, discusses how she handles negative comments on her videos, how her willingness to be goofy has played a large part in her success, and what her strategy has been around the kinds of videos she creates. Oh, and all this discussion happens while she and the journalist Katie Rosman are doing yoga. Have a look.

“Totally Enlightened” Spoofs the Yoga Culture

The Former Ford model and fellow Strala staffer Heidi Kristoffer recently teamed up with Livestrong Woman to poke fun at the self-involved, materialistic, and pretentious culture that can sometimes surround the yoga scene. At one point in this very silly video, a guru type teacher asks, “Why are you all here?” and then answers for his students. “You all want to feel happier; you want to feel less afraid; you also want a more firmed, toned buttocks.” Hmm, I think that about sums things up.


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