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Valentine’s Day Vegan Chocolates for the Veg in Your Life

Rose City Chocolatier Assorted Vegan Chocolates

Rose City Chocolatier Assorted Vegan Chocolates

Last Valentine’s Day my guy surprised me with a box of some seriously yummy chocolates. I didn’t even know fine vegan chocolates existed, and it felt awesome to have that traditional gift on the day o’ Hallmark love. The company is called Rose City Chocolatier, and my guy chose a box of assorted chocolates (there are different options), which was a great way to sample all the creamy decadence. I’m generally not a sweet person, err, I mean I’m not usually into sweets (I tend to like foods at the savory end of the spectrum), but I must say, I ate every single bite of heaven in that box.

VegNews, the magazine/website devoted to all things vegan, has a list of additional vegan chocolate companies, though I can only vouch for Rose City. In addition, VegNews has partnered with Rose City to create “the most perfect box of vegan chocolates imaginable” (though it’s hard to imagine anything better than what I had last year), and you can still enter to win a box on Valentine’s Day.


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